02 May 2016 Two new Juki’s

Dylan, my eldest son, has very long legs; in the meantime they are longer than mine! His waist is so slim that jeans with buttonhole elastic is what we bought. But Dylan is also getting older and longer. He now wears length size 39 with a waist size 30 or 31 ( just what is available) with a belt around it. Of course this isn’t really comfy. Because jeans and / or nice sweatpants are no longer available, I want to make them myself.

My lovely Husqvarna sewing machine, however, has some problems with thicker denim and actually I have dreamed since my education of having my own industrial sewing machine. The pleasure of fully automatic attaching, tie-off and cutting of the thread. And all with the foot pedal! Such a lovely wide pedal where you can put both feet next to each other. Also the speed which makes the fabric zoom under the presser foot with the greatest ease! A fully automatic I-will-oil-myself system and a wonderfully quiet machine.

That dream became reality. Such a machine is standing in my studio now!

And the second Juki? That is an industrial lock and it is being adapted to fit my long legs underneath 😉


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