Soccerball d.i.y. kit


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Includes the tutorial!


This d.iy. kit contains all the materials you need to make the soccerball ornament.

– 8 cm ball from Styropor.

– White and black fabric in strips.

– 4 reusable templates from template plastic.

–  Cord in the color of your choice.

– Decopin/floralpin in case you want to hang your ornament. This then serves to keep the cord loop in place.

– An acrylic standard.

– Tutorial on paper.


What do you need:

– This do-it-yourself kit.
– A fineliner in a color of your choice.
– A white tailor pencil or chalk.
– A tucking tool; I use an original Japanese tucking tool, but with a metal nail file, furniture needle, doll’s needle or long embroidery needle it also works fine.
– Scissors
– A sharp knife; triangle or break-off knife.
– Glue stick
– Glue gun or hobby glue.

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