1 May 2018 Photo ornaments with 2, 3 or 4 photos

Made on assignment:
12 cm ornament with photos of 4 dogs.
Available to order with 4 photos of your beloved pet, (grand) children etc.
With fabric pattern / colors of your choice and with or without bow / hanger.

Also possible with 2 or 3 photos.



Link: https://www.mirandasornaments.com/product/photo-ornament/?lang=en


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30 December 2017 Expansion ribbon roll system

Two weeks ago:

It doesn’t deserve a beautyprize, but it is functional. I can paint the mdf in spring.
At the second photo you can see why I wanted the 6 meter extra ribbon rolls storage space. ??




Not enough ribbon rolls space yet, so I made another rack below the first one.

Now I finally have some space left!



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12 December 2017 First tutorial for my own 3D-flower design!

Tutorial 3D-flower ornament – English

This tutorial in PDF shows you how to make this beautiful ornament.
In 67 pages and 100 clear photo’s you will be guided step by step towards a beautiful result!


You can find the tutorial here:


The tutorial is using the centimeter scale. However, converted inches are added ánd adapted in this tutorial for use on a 3 inch smoothfoam ball.


What do you need:

– 8 cm Styropor / Smoothfoam ball with markings. (If you work in inches use a 3 inch ball.)
– 3 cotton fabrics of your choice. (No stretch, quilt fabrics work best)
– A lot of 18 mm pins. (more than 220) (About 0.7 to 1 inch.)
– A trick marker and / or a fineliner in a color of your choice.
– Flexible measuring tape.
– Scissors
– Thimble.

Possibly: cutting mat – rolling knife – cutting ruler (not necessarily, but handy)

For decorating and hanging, a matching ribbon / cord etc. of about 50 cm long. (About 20 inch.)

A decorative pin between 6 and 7 cm long. (About 2 to 2.5 inches long.)

Lighter. Hobby glue. Possibly beads of your choice.


To read this PDF you need Acrobat Reader.
You can download it here: https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/pdf-reader.html


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20 October 2017 Ringlight

Waiting until the light is good outside and preferably a shining sun is not always handy. For that reason I have purchased a daylight ring lamp. Taking photos when it suits me and also tutorials and videos are planned.
I am very happy with it! As you can see the lamp gives a lot of light!
(On the first two photos you see the effect under a much less bright daylight lamp.)

The pattern on the ornaments is copied from a photo by one of the Ornament Girl designers.

The pattern on paper is my own 3D flower design.




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14 October 2017 My first own design: 3d flower

New!! Beautiful Christmas ornaments that can be used everywhere.


For Mother’s Day I had been fiddling with different ways of folding fabric on a ball. This is where the ornament below came from.

Because it was not entirely to my liking, I fiddled on to the desired result. See second photo!


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3 October 2017 Rolling little roses

I recently purchased a Sizzix Big shot. With this die-cutting machine you can, among other things, cut shapes using a die of your choice. It doesn’t matter much which material, almost everything you can imagine.

My goal is to be able to make 3D flowers from fabric that matches the ornament made.

To ensure that these flowers are also sturdy, I treated the cut piece of fabric with a brush and ModPodge Stiffy. Let it dry and roll! While rolling I used the glue gun on the downside of the petals.





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25 August 2017 Coco

Just back from vacation we received a message from a very dear lady who we met through the shelter.

She said she had found the perfect match for Debbie.

After some hesitation, because quite quickly, we decided to get acquainted with Coco.

He comes from Spain, but had already traveled to the Netherlands.

After a positive home visit from the Foundation, we drove to Velp near Arnhem today, 5 days after we got home from Austria.

We took Coco to his new home!


Debbie and Coco, match made in heaven ??


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21 August 2017 Holiday in Austria

We just got back from a wonderful holiday with, at first, a sad little dog because her little friend died just before leaving. With a lot of attention and love from us she survived the holiday.

Of course I took ornament craft supplies with me. Two red pieces of ribbon short for the snowflake ornament; going to finish at home.

Together with Debbie ♥ ? ♥ lazing by the pool at our favorite campsite. Alpenferienpark Reisach

Spend a day shopping with Grandpa and Grandma in Villach. They stayed a week in the neighborhood. A happy Debbie in the wagon.

A one night stay at Hotel Haussler on our way to Austria. My dear husband with Debbie on the terrace.


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